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Language for Film and Television

109643 13loABC Languages has over 10 years of experience with film and television production crews in and around New York.  We have provided in-studio coaching for actors who need to learn lines, scenes or entire parts in foreign languages, including esoteric languages.  We have translated portions of scripts, written in English, into a foreign language as necessary.  And we have provided actors with intensive training in foreign languages and accents. We have also provided  cross-cultural consulting to ensure that what appears on screen (costumes, traditions or behaviors) is culturally accurate. Our experts understand that authenticity is of the essence and we are available to ensure that actors feel confident and that the highest quality production standards are maintained.
For more information, please fill out our Language Coaching Request Form below to outline your needs. 

film directorWe also understand the need for discretion and are committed to respecting the privacy of our high-profile clients. Below is a partial list of industry clients who have granted us permission to list on our site:

John Wick 2 - Russian, ASL, Italian and English
Billions - Japanese
Mozart in the Jungle - Czech Accent
Oceans 8 - Hindi
She’s Gotta Have It - French
Daredevil – Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese (Bluff Productions)
The Walk – French (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Run – French (unfinished film Banshee Productions)
The Double – Russian (Hyde Park Productions)
Person of Interest - Russian (Multiple Actors)
Damages Season 4 - Pashto (Multiple Actors)
The Departed - Cantonese (Martin Scorsese Productions)
Morgan Spurlock - Pashto, Urdu & Tajik (Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?)
America's Next Top Model - French 
Uma Thurman - Japanese (Kill Bill)

Other noteworthy clients:
Quirky Inc. - Mandarin
Willem DaFoe, Italian 
Olympia Dukakis, Italian 
Rocco Dispirito, Italian (restauranteur of the show "The Restaurant") 
Annie Parisse, Spanish 
Carol Kane, American Sign Language 
Richard Bernstein, ESL (from band Rammstein) 
Qian Yi and other stars from "The Peony Pavilion", ESL (for Lincoln Center performance)


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Other Details:
Please let us know any details about the kind of language coaching you will need and any other particular that will help us best understand your needs.

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