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ABC Languages is well-versed in creating and implementing successful language programs of any size to help your employees stay ahead of the curve. Whether you are looking for customized lessons for professional development, a company-wide enrichment program or an employee discount, ABC Languages has the tools and know-how to help you create a successful and effective language program to meet your needs.

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    Why Choose ABC

    ABC has been the go-to language provider for a wide range of corporate and institutional clients for over 20 years. Our clients include Google, Sony, Genentech, UC Berkeley, Fitbit, Twitch, JPMorgan Chase, Santander, ABC News, and many more.

    We work closely with our enterprise and business partners to craft a language program that meets each company’s needs, goals and culture. Instruction is available in 20+ languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, and English as a Second Language. Our professional native teachers are carefully vetted by our team of language experts to ensure an effective and engaging learning experience tailored to the students' needs and goals.

    We can also provide your organization with custom language evaluations, employee engagement measurement data, and language proficiency tests as needed.

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