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When did you join ABC Languages?

In 2001 as a teacher and in 2004 as a manager.

Which languages do you speak?

I speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I'm currently working on French.

What's your hometown?

São Paulo, Brazil.

What was your most inspiring vacation?

It’s a kind of a cliché, but my most inspiring destination was Paris. When I first went there I noticed two things that stuck with me: 1) that we humans can create the most beautiful things in the world; and 2) despite all this power and creativity, we are all the same in a packed subway car during afternoon rush hour in Paris.

What do you like to do when you're not obsessing about languages?

Science, architecture, music. I am obsessed with the capacities and achievements of humans. I can read and watch videos about these topics for hours and hours.

What was your most/least favorite subject in school?

Portuguese is my first language, and it was my least favorite subject. I hated learning verb tenses, grammar, and vocabulary that would make me sound old. Why were they forcing me to learn Portuguese if I could communicate with everyone? Only much later could I appreciate how that helped me understand the world and expand my horizons!